Don't say it's "just a salami"
Don't say it's "just a salami"

Salame Nobile del Giarolo

Imagine for a moment a raw ham, a culatello, a cup, a raw shoulder, a bacon and melt them into a single salami: here, this is the Salame Nobile del Giarolo. In fact, our salami enjoys the nickname of “Nobile” because it is produced exclusively with all the noble parts of the pig: the lean ones come from the thigh, coppa, culatello, shoulder, loin, fillet; while the fat ones, equally valuable, are obtained from bacon and throat. The pigs, coming strictly from local farms or registered with the D.O.P. of the "Gran Suino Padano", are no less than twelve months old and weigh a minimum of 180 kg. In December 2003 the CONSORTIUM FOR THE PROTECTION OF NOBILE SALAMI DEL GIAROLO was established to protect and enhance this territory's excellence, created by the will of all the artisan producers of the "Traditional Salameria", and local pig breeders.

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A unique product, the result of a long tradition and an ancient and wise art
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The careful processing and aging in natural cellars make the Nobile a work of art
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This is where Salame Nobile del Giarolo is born, the pearl of the Tortonesi Hills
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Manifestation of the Noble Salami of Giarolo

SAN SEBASTIANO CURONE – Friday 19 July 2019 at 8 pm in the historic center of San Sebastiano Curone the […]