Don't say it's "just a salami"
Don't say it's "just a salami"


1. Meat processing

The long and careful craftsmanship begins with the knife-hulling of the meat which is deprived of all the nerve and tendon parts. After a restful night, the meats are coarsely minced and cured with salt, pepper, a delicate note of garlic and red wine from the Tortona hills.

2. Dough and stuffing

The addition of any other type of meat or additives such as gluten, milk powder and their derivatives is absolutely excluded. The preparation ends with the stuffing in natural casing in the various sizes and the binding is done strictly by hand.

3. Ageing

Then begins the long and delicate maturation phase entrusted to the natural cellars which, combined with our microclimate, has lasted for about a month for the "Giarolini", three months for the "Nobile" and which also reaches 18-24 months for the "Sewn".