Don't say it's "just a salami"
Don't say it's "just a salami"

Characteristics and manufacture

1. Noble Salami from Giarolo

It is the size of traditional artisanal salami and is stuffed into hand-tied natural casing. It can be recognized by the characteristic coarse-grained dough with an intense red color and the right balance between lean and fat parts. Its aroma and flavor are incomparable, decisive but not aggressive. The long seasoning is entrusted to ancient natural cellars.

2. The "Sewn"

It is undoubtedly the most valuable size, recognizable by the large diameter due to the bagging in double natural coupled gut and sewing. This feature allows a decidedly prolonged aging in our natural cellars, which can even reach twenty-four months. The perfume, the aroma but above all the softness are unmatched despite the long maturation. Il Cucito represents the maximum expression of the tradition of Salame Nobile del Giarolo.

3. The "giarolini"

Due to their small size, they are and were the first to mature (their average seasoning is in fact about a month) and to be consumed. The same mixture and the same noble characteristics of the larger salamis, for an always unique and unmistakable aroma and flavor.

Nutritional values

(per 100 g. of edible portion)

Protein (g) 28.63
Carbohydrates (g) <1
Fat (g) 30.78
B.C. Fat Sat. (%) 41.38
B.C. Fat Ins. (%) 58.62

Omega-3 (%) 0.6
Omega-6 (%) 11.46
Kcal: 395
Kjoule: 1656